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Carl Malaskiewicz-Blaise, an American citizen who has been detained by Canadian Immigration authorities since May 2007.

Carl was arrested on May 24th 2007 by Immigration and sent to an Immigration Prevention Center in Laval, Quebec (IPC/CPI en francais) where he was detained until December 4th 2008.

After December 4th 2008, Carl was transferred to Riviere-des-Prairies prison in Montreal where he remained until March 25th 2010. (Carl was sent from the IPC in Laval to Riviere-des-Prairies based upon an alleged bomb threat which was supposedly made from the IPC)

Then, on March 25th 2010, Carl was sent to Philippe-Pinel Mental Institute, where he spent almost six weeks.  

Then on May 4th, 2010,   Carl was transferred to Douglas Hospital in Verdun (Montreal), where he is being currently detained.

Carl has been denied bail, under the pretext of being a flight risk and or a danger to the public despite Carl going out unescorted from Douglas Hospital to Bible meetings and later returning to the locked hospital's doors. Over 100 people witnessed Carl at the three Bible studies he attended while at Douglas Hospital. (They will testify if requested.) Carl has also gone outside accompanied by staff to one concert, the local convenience store on multiple occasions and to the nearby swimming pool.

On June 22nd 2010, an administrative tribunal - a kangaroo court - (TAQ) agreed Carl was competant.

At the hearing a lawyer was forced upon Carl, against his wishes.

This kangaroo court, made up of three women made the decision to send Carl back to Pinel or RDP.

The governmental authorities are now using brain-scan technology against Carl's wishes. Please Google "brain scan technology" "nano-mri" or do some research on this new technology before you say that this sounds crazy. This technology mimics God, believe me, God is watching everything that these Pharisee God fearing and loving officials are doing behind the ignorant public's back. As the Bible says: "Vengeance is mine. I will repay."

Carl has made the decision to represent himself in court because he can't find the right lawyer to help him.

After the Canadian government refused to hear Carl`s refugee claim, Carl`s assistants contacted the Hugo Chavez government and Alo Presidente TV, his assistants also contacted Fidel and Raul Castro and Dr. Ahmadinejad in Iran to request asylum in a non-US-puppet country.

The Iranian Embassy was also contacted in Ottawa and Carl`s counsel met with Iranian diplomats in August 2008. The Iranian media also interviewed Carl over the phone from detention in Laval.

Carl made the decision to renounce his US citizenship based upon the USA and Canadian court system's refusal to redress his injustice.

Carl agrees with those who say "the Americans are just as evil, or worse, at least not any better, than the so-called 'terrorists'", according to a news article written by the Montreal Gazette.

The USA has a long track-record of becoming arrogant and egotistical when it comes down to admitting and remedying wrongdoings, such as Carl's. 

Carl attracted the attention of the US Secret Service when he drew satirical cartoons and made satirical remarks about George W. Bush and his family. Carl also wrote articles comparing the actions of Bush family members and the United States Government concerning biblical prophecies relating to the Antichrist system and the end of the world. In 1999 and 2000 Carl distributed these writings and drawings at shopping centers and public places in the Washington DC area, on the internet, and also while in jail on unrelated false charges.

On May 25th, 2000 the General District Court in the city of Alexandria, Virginia (Judge Robert Giammittorio) dismissed the unrelated false charges see court website  and Carl was ordered released from jail.

However, the US Secret Service came to the jail before Carl was released and re-arrested Carl for threatening the life of George W. Bush. The unrelated false harassment charges, which were previously dismissed by the city of Alexandria Virginia court on May 25th 2000, were later resurrected and trumped up by the federal court in September 2001  ( a separate court house in Alexandria, Virginia) and other false allegations were made.

The US Federal Government also ordered a mental health examination by a politically connected Secret Service employee, Dr. Robert Phillips.
(see exhibit P-12 Dr. Phillips CV cv/resume)

Dr. Phillips prepared a psychiatric report full of false and uncorroberated information.  Phillips' report was also used to send Carl to a Federal medical center, where he spent almost a year. (exhibit P-17 Psychiatric Report)  Click here to view 

The US government coerced Carl into pleading guilty with empty promises, (time served and also dismissal of the 1998 unrelated Florida warrants, which should had already been dismissed on May 25th 2000) under the threat of facing twenty years in prison with a jury trial.

After pleading guilty the US District Court in Alexandria (agents US Probation Officer F. Kurt Bubenhofer and US Attorney Paul J McNulty, and Assistant US Attorneys Dennis M Kennedy and William Lovett)  cooked-up a pre-sentence report Click here to view.  full of contradictions and lies. This report was in turn used to justify greatly increasing Carl's prison sentence.

Carl was told, by his then lawyer that he would receive a sentence between 12 and 18 months, in exchange for Carl pleading guilty, but, despite pleading guilty, Carl received a 60 month (5 years) sentence , in addition to a seperate consecutive 12 month (1 year) sentence, these sentences, totaling 72 months (6 years), were based upon the false and misleading information contained in the presentence report and subsequent US prosecutor documents, which have been refuted by documented evidence and witnesses.

After serving his time in prison, as well as 2 years of additional 'probation' , Carl traveled to Canada to claim political asylum.

The Canadian government has detained Carl for over three years and is treating him as a terrorist based on Carl's political and apocalyptic religious views (God's vengeance upon the USA, Canada, and other modern day Pharaoh like arrogant governments) and the exaggerated claims of the US government.

You can read a chronology of events in Carl's Story.

Carl wants to live and work peacefully in Canada and have the false information removed from his record. Canada does not care about the truth but would rather 'rendition' Carl back to the USA, instead of allowing Carl to travel to Iran so they can cover this up.

The US and Canadian government are afraid that the truth will come out if Carl is released and goes to live in Iran and publicizes his story. There is no other justification for their aggressive attitude towards Carl. Vindictive prosecution explains everything.

Carl needs the $4,000 to have a second brain scan lie detector from the two brain-scanning companies No Lie MRI   and Cephos  which will prove Carl has been setup and railroaded.

Please help Carl

Carl's legal bill is close to $30,000 and he has been detained for over three years and cannot earn the money to pay his hard working lawyers. Please help by clicking on the donate button, any help is appreciated. Pay with credit or debit card or bank account with Paypal.


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